2014 Floral Trends & Exclusive Tricks To Save.

Posted on Jan 14, 2014 in A Petal For Your Thoughts Blog

2014 Floral Trends & Exclusive Tricks To Save.

Biggest Floral Trends of the Season and Exclusive Tips & Tricks to save.


2013 was marked a year of the bold jewel tones and gorgeous emeralds, jades, and purples. We saw glitz and glamour, and the end to the fun rustic trend of mason jars and cowboy boots. In 2014, we will we pay homage to the Classics and evolve into a refined rustic palette that plays with romance, whimsy, and elegance.

We are seeing two major trends evolve within the Floral Industry: The Eco-Chic, Back-To-Nature and a resurgence of the Classic Romance of a bygone era.  This article will discuss 4 of these emerging trends and 4 ways to integrate them into your wedding without breaking the bank.

Four of Our Favorite Emerging & Evolving Themes for 2014:


1.) Return of Babies Breath.

The once considered outdated “filler” is back with a punch and we are seeing it take center stage in bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and accessories. Think two words… simple & elegant.

Image #1: Via www.AustinWeddingBlog.Com
Image #2: Via www.weddbook.com Photography by www.kathleenamelia.com,
Cake by www.parklandcakes.com
  • Photo by Kathleenamelia.com. Cake by www.parklandcakes.com.

2.) Refined Rustic.

This is perhaps my favorite of the evolving trends. We are seeing rustic move to a more whimsical, magic, and romantic platform where earth elements such as moss, fern, and greenery meet lace, crystal, and tarnish. Tarnish?!… Hello, mercury glass! TIP: For a less-pricey option look at DIY Faux Mercury Glass finishes.

Image #1: Via www.dfwevents.com, Flowers by Petal Pushers www.petalpushers.us, Photography by Taylor Lord Photorgraphy www.taylorlordphotography.com
Image #2: Via www.stoneblossoms.com
  • Moss, Lanterns, and Garden Roses.
  • White Dahlias in Mint Julep Cups with Dusty Miller.

3.) Timeless Classics.

Taking inspiration from the English Gardens of Downton Abbey & the Art Deco Halls of the Great Gatsby this trend is not going anywhere for a long time! Here we are seeing brides play with monochromatic color palettes that are soft, romantic, and clean. Emerging color combinations are Blush & Nude; Grey & White; and Muted Pinks & Gold’s.

Image Via Gabriel Harper Photography: http://harperphotography.com and www.groomsoldseparately.com

 4.) Hot Trend: Flower Crowns & Halos.

Making their debut in 2013—Flower Crowns are going to be BIG this year. We are seeing them on runways, weddings, editorials, social gatherings, and photo shoots. They are feminine, fun, and can be tailored to fit your style.   

Image #1: Via www.a-bit-of-inspiration.tumblr.com
Image #2: By Serenity Crystal on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/serenitycrystal
  • Flower Halo: Peach Stock Flower
  • Flower Halo. Boho Wedding.

Here are 4 ways to integrate these trends without overspending and overstressing:

  • Bigger Blooms. Large blooms such as the Peonies & Hydrangea are making a comeback—and pack a large punch while eliminating the use of a multitude of other blooms. Save on your bridesmaid bouquets by utilizing Hydrangeas for that big bloom look.


  • Think Green. Capture the fresh organic look of the English Garden by utilizing a multitude of fresh greenery. Greenery is generally 1/3 the price of flowers and creates a wonderful presence.  Ask your florist about local, in-season options—and be flexible. A floral professional can suggest in-season options that will capture the same look without breaking the bank.


  • Re-Purpose & Dual-Purpose Flowers. Get more use out of your ceremony flowers by repurposing them during your reception. Common areas to reuse flowers are Beverage Bars, Buffets, Powder Rooms, and Mantels. Single flowers, herbs, and greenery also add a touch of color and texture to your table settings in the form of favors, place cards, and garnishing’s.


  • DIY Elements. Create your own accessories that will be used to tie everything together, prior to the event. This is a great way to integrate your personality and integrate color palettes and textures together. Ideas for DIY elements include escort cards, favors, frames, photo props, planters, etc. The key to DIY is doing these things in ADVANCE! Your special day goes by way to fast to be spending your time worrying about the big last minute details. Have a professional handle the flowers, music, and photography. Last minute fixes can cost more than hiring a professional from the start.

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