Why Shenandoah? Weddings.

Posted on Aug 26, 2013 in A Petal For Your Thoughts Blog

Why Shenandoah? Weddings.

As legend has it, Native Americans who settled the North Western River Valley of Virginia named the area, Shenandoah, The Beautiful Daughter of Stars. Story tells an imagery of the regions Blue Mountains holding a silvery illuminated reflection of the night sky as it was casted off the mirror-like river below. They said it was a refuge for the stars and a meeting place for the heavens.  

Today, the Valley remains as it has for thousands of years and its beauty continues to captivate those who come to witness the treasures hidden within the peaks of the Blue Ridge. The area hosts a diverse offering of Wineries, Scenic Byways, Historic Landmarks, and Charming Small Towns. Located only one hour from our Nation’s Capital, the Shenandoah Valley has emerged as one of the fastest growing destinations for Weddings.

Whether you dream of a Classic Vineyard Reception, Rustic Mountain Retreat, or a Tribute to your Southern Roots the region has it all! Visit the Shenandoah today and start planning your perfect wedding, under the Stars.

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